Vintage Photos Of Your Jailbird Relatives

Best Friends Forever

When I was young, we moved around just about every year. I was always the new kid in school, which at first was difficult, but I soon learned to use it to my advantage. I learned fast that the big dumb kid is usually the first to try and pick on the new kid. He’s usually not that bright and not expecting anyone to stand up to him when confronted. It’s funny how many immediate friends you earn when you embarass a giant.

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We Cook You Eat

Fine, you’ve taken your silly picture. Now everbody get back to work~!

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Midnight Swinger

Hey Midnight Swinger, how’s the world’s greatest lover tonight? Emancipated women’s own special delight. So how can the world’s last living Cassonova be alone? They don’t appreciate the fine kind of lovin’ you make. On a scale of 7 you would get a 8. But you’re home by your lonesome most every night. You watch Johnny Carson till you turn out the light. He’s pretty funny and it looks like you are too..Irresistable You!!
Mel Torme

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Arctic Schooner

From East Boothbay Maine in 1921, a schooner was launched that would cross the Arctic several times. Built of an a-typical schooner design this ship had less sail area that ships of a comparable size. This was because the Bowdoin was built specifically for the Arctic where there is less wind. Many have sailed her over the years and many will each Summer. This ship in this photo is not the Bowdoin, but they sure don’t seem to mind.

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Trouble x 3

I think you can tell whihc one is the ring leader.

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The Grifters

Myra sees his mother behind Roy’s decision and moves for revenge. She hints to Bobo that Lilly keeps a large sum of money stashed in her Cadillac, money she had stolen from him over the years. Lilly is warned by a friend and flees. Myra follows with the intention of killing her. Ohh so scandalous~! Ohh and check out this sweet painting that Kay Crain shared with me the other day based upon this slide. Very Nice Kay~!

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