Vintage Photos Of Your Jailbird Relatives

Guard Yo Grille

The word chrome is slang for chromium, which is one of 91 naturally elements that can be found in the periodic table. Produccts are not made from chromium but instead are plated in chromium which yeilds a mirror-like finish. Peopple will often refer to a shiny metal as chrome in a generic manner but in fact the metal they are looking at might actually be aluminum or stainless steel. Only when you see them side by side does the chrome stand out.

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Nothing But Stripes

I’m pretty sure the only person who could wear those pants today is Chris Robinson from the Black Crowes.

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Pale Green Stars

Amanda is in love with the sight of the moon. She’s got pale green stars in her room. Right above her bed . Put them on the ceiling. Leave on the light
When the sun goes down then the stars might shine. Shining in the dark . Skinny little girl in her room alone. She’s got hell to spare in her home
If you can call it a home . Doesn’t want to be like anybody else. When no one is around she talks to herself. I can hear her in the night.

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Got my chips cashed in….

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It’s Always Beer Thirty

Only 6 more pints before this turns into Girls Gone Wild.

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Private Soak

Since we’re had kids I’ve become more concerned about how to best preserve our electronic photos and polaroids which hover at an addictive level. I want our photos to stand the test of time so future generations can look back know where they came from. I want them to laugh and cry and think we were crazy for wearing all of these weird clothes and using that lame thing called a Tivo. I want them to keep the photos safe and out of the trash.

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