Vintage Photos Of Your Jailbird Relatives

I’m Touching You….Whatta You Gonna Do?

I feel certain the missing frames show her snapping his finger like a chicken bone.

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Can We Dance With Yo Ladies

It’s amazing how her hair matches the dress. I hope it was one wild night.

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She Walks the Line

I love the blue car. Todays car manufacturers need to look back on the colors of the 50’s.

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Cabana Boy #2

The shutter clicks and you’ve captured a fraction of a second on film. That lone image could easily relay to the viewer what actually happened or perhaps be quite misleading. If you were not there when the photo was taken you really have no context from which to build the story, so you make assumptions. You assume that he is just resting and she did nothing wrong. Those assumptions are boring. I suspect foul play.

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Sound Advice

You know that Julie chick? Loves you. You want her? Gotta play it cool, you know. You can’t let her know how much you like cause if she knows, she’ll dump you like that. Believe me. Like, if she asks you if you want a ride, you say, “No, I’ve got my own ride, but maybe I’ll see you later.” Sounds stupid, doesn’t it? It works. Dawson – Dazed & Confused

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Private Soak

Since we’re had kids I’ve become more concerned about how to best preserve our electronic photos and polaroids which hover at an addictive level. I want our photos to stand the test of time so future generations can look back know where they came from. I want them to laugh and cry and think we were crazy for wearing all of these weird clothes and using that lame thing called a Tivo. I want them to keep the photos safe and out of the trash.

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