Vintage Photos Of Your Jailbird Relatives

One More Rolling Rock

We are the Marauders. We’ve come to steal your daughters. We like our booze and our rock n’ roll. We’ll break your heart and steal your soul. We don’t buy that two bit rap, because American Idol is a bunch of crap. I didn’t buy this here guitar to be a big television star. We’ve got this music in our soul. It’s nothing you can hear on the radio. If you don’t get it, that’s your tough luck. We don’t care about makin’ a buck. We are the Marauders
Brian Setzer

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Before Wii Sports

After months of waiting we finally received a Wii in the mail about a month ago. At first it seems foreign to play a video game and be required to move more than your thumb and fingers, but within minutes you adapt, and start returning overhead serves on the court and perfecting your bowling ball hook. As far as video games go, the Wii is an excciting change but be sure to use that wrist strap and don’t break your television set.

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