Vintage Photos Of Your Jailbird Relatives

Road Trippers

The Irish Travelers specialized in the large livestock trade, as well as sales of goods and services; the latter gained in importance after the demise of the horse and mule trade. The literature also refers to this group as Irish Traders or, sometimes, Tinkers. Their ethnic language is referred to in the literature as Irish Traveler Cant. On a personal note, I’m half Irish and have/had a second cousin named Tinker. hmmmm.

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Mister Green

You can just tell that this guy is trouble.

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Faster, It’s Alright

I’m gonna wake you up early. Cause I’m gonna take a ride with you. Were going down to the honda shop. I’ll tell you what were gonna do. Put on a ragged sweatshirt. I’ll take you anywhere you want me to. Its not a big motorcycle. Just a groovy little motorbike. Its more fun that a barrel of monkeys. That two wheel bike, Well ride on out of the town. To any place I know you like. First gear, its alright. Second gear, I lean right. Third gear, hang on tight. Beach Boys

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Vacation Home

I love the striped garage door.

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I Took My Time

If you ever change your mind, baby I wanna be first in line. And if you have a change of plans, honey I’m gonna do all I can for you. Oo-oo, I moved too slow. I took my time. I should’ve let you know, but I moved too slow. I thought that I had time to spare, to show you how much I really cared. Then one night when you’d had enough, you turned around and you fell in love. Whoa-oa, I moved too slow.
The Iguanas

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Really Bad Idea

Ever since I posted the bear series last year there is not a week that goes by when I don’t receive an email from somone wondering what happened to these people. The honest answer is that I have no idea. We can’t peg any blame of foul play on the bear because the boy and his parents appear in other slides and it’s obvious that they are older. What I can tell you is that telling your kid to stand in front of a huge freakin’ bear is a really bad idea. Seriously people~!

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