Vintage Photos Of Your Jailbird Relatives

The Periwinkle Kitchen

I’m willing to bet that Kitchenaide sells a mixer in this color.

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The Cake Was Pink

The guys at work have a tough time accepting pink donuts. A pink cake would certainly be controversial.

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The Happy Trio

The slide was a little blurry but they look to be having such a fun time I had to post it. I’m sure someone could narrow the decade down based upon the car. I’m guessing it’s the late 50’s from the shape of the windshield.

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The Baby Looks Happy

When a baby cries, it either wants food, a changing, or to be soothed….or to have anyone else in the room hold it.

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A Real Poodle Dress

My eyes lit up when I saw this one on the lightbox. If the dress isn’t enough for you then take a closer look at her tightly wound curls that must have hurt beyond all reason. If you’re still not sold, look closely at the illuminated photgraph of deer on the wall. While the poodle dress may not have survived the decades, I’ll bet any of you could go to your local mall and but a similar motion painting at some crappy kiosk. Some things are timeless my friends.

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The DC7

Not a great photo but I really liked the Fisher Price DC7.

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