Vintage Photos Of Your Jailbird Relatives

Go Deep and Smoke

So many old slides of people playing sports actually have people playing sports with a cigarette in hand. In the case of football I believe the argument was that the added tar makes your fingers sticky and therefore better able to hold onto the ball when running past other wheezing smokers on the field. Let’s also not forget the smooth taste.

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Fishing Memories

I recall going on a deep sea fishing day trip with my father and grandfather when I was 10. I’m pretty certain neither of them had any interest in the activity of fishing. Their motivation was to have the three generations spend a day together in a common activity. I only recall a few things from that day. A cigarette will cut through fishing line like butter, sandworms bite, and my Dad’s a great guy who had a fantastic father.

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Fire Safety Class

OK… so it’s glass blowing and not fire safety. Whatever!

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Ski Boat

Gear up people.

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Room with a View

I’ve never really liked heights when I have the opportunity, such as being on a ladder, to misstep and send myself downward at 3.something meters per second squared. Conversely I do enjoy the view from tall rooftops which seems odd to me. I’m sure there is some hidden meaning. Anyway, does anyone know where this was taken?

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Dumpster Diving

Hey look, part of a twinkie~!

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