Vintage Photos Of Your Jailbird Relatives

Bald Man

I like images where people are partially in the frame.

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I’m Interested in What You’re Saying

Really Really Interested.

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A Real Poodle Dress

My eyes lit up when I saw this one on the lightbox. If the dress isn’t enough for you then take a closer look at her tightly wound curls that must have hurt beyond all reason. If you’re still not sold, look closely at the illuminated photgraph of deer on the wall. While the poodle dress may not have survived the decades, I’ll bet any of you could go to your local mall and but a similar motion painting at some crappy kiosk. Some things are timeless my friends.

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Ransom Note: We Have the Baby

Instructions regarding the placement of a large bag of loot to follow.

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My Floral Seizure

I can honestly say that this is the most floral print I’ve ever seen in one photograph. Perhaps it was just in style that summer or maybe they were having some competition to see who could wear the single most offensive piece of fabric. I don’t know who approved this suburban camoflauge but I really don’t approve. Now I need to cleanse my ocular pallet by staring at a white screen.

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Stairway to Heaven

We generally don’t post anything from the 80’s but this one was worthy. Can you hear them breakin’ out the Led?

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