Vintage Photos Of Your Jailbird Relatives

The Big Day 1 of 3

I’m always happy when I find a small series of photos.

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The Big Day 3 of 3

While the yellow car wrapped in streamers may catch your attention, mine is diverted to the BMW 2002 which was a nimble overpowered car.

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Tinker Was Badass

One Summer when I was 7, my grandmother and I drove to Albany NY to visit her sister for the afternoon. Her sister was married to a scary guy who didn’t like kids so I kept my distance. I had never met my second cousin, Tinker, before this visit. She was nice enough to let me ride around in her car that afternoon as she sought out someone to buy beer. I was sworn to secrecy. I was also not supposed to tell anyone that she smoked. At 7, Tinker was really cool.

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OK… this was just cruel.

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Hong Kong Phooey

Sometimes a man just want to lounge around the house feeling sexy in a fine silk garment. Sometimes he needs clothing to hug his curves and accentuates his better features. Sometimes he may even imagine he’s a brave samurai warrior while waiting for his chamomile tea to be delivered. You know what I’m talking about. Ohh yes you do.

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Lunch Lady Land

Once upon a time people used to pack a lunch for their roadtrip and stop when teh mood struck without worrying about where they were. Times have changed and the popularity of the drive through is freaky at best. Nothing better then talking into a speaker so some underpaid kid can put your fat laden food into cardboard containers so you can bounce off the guardrails when the special sauce drips onto your pants. Bring a lunch next time.

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