Vintage Photos Of Your Jailbird Relatives

Jet Airliner

In the cumbustion chamber of a jet propulsion engine the combustion of a fuel mixture generates expanding gases, which escape through an orifice to form the jet. Newton’s third law of motion requires that the force that causes the high-speed motion of the jet of gas have a reaction force that is equal in magnitude and oppositely directed to push on the jet propulsion engine. Hence the term “reaction motor” is often applied to jet-propulsion engines.

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Sound of Waves

Living on the coast of Maine has some benefits depending upon the time of year. The summer is mild and the cool ocean breeze smells sweet. While we can usually hear the foghorn of the lighthouse on most evenings, the sounds do not compare with those in Oregon where the waves pounded the sand with such force you could often feel the reverb of their crash on the floor of our rented beach cabin.

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