Vintage Photos Of Your Jailbird Relatives

Border Patrol

I don’t want to cross them.

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Morning Motel

It’s fun to stay in a hotel but packing in the morning is a drag.

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The Grifters

Myra sees his mother behind Roy’s decision and moves for revenge. She hints to Bobo that Lilly keeps a large sum of money stashed in her Cadillac, money she had stolen from him over the years. Lilly is warned by a friend and flees. Myra follows with the intention of killing her. Ohh so scandalous~! Ohh and check out this sweet painting that Kay Crain shared with me the other day based upon this slide. Very Nice Kay~!

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Tin Soldier

He walks the line.

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Guard Yo Grille

The word chrome is slang for chromium, which is one of 91 naturally elements that can be found in the periodic table. Produccts are not made from chromium but instead are plated in chromium which yeilds a mirror-like finish. Peopple will often refer to a shiny metal as chrome in a generic manner but in fact the metal they are looking at might actually be aluminum or stainless steel. Only when you see them side by side does the chrome stand out.

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Biggest Smile Ever

It’s nice to turn up slides where the kids look really happy. Without sounding corny, I usually hope they still feel the same today.

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